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Recipes for Grilled Pheasant

November 2, 2011 by  

There is nothing better then great recipes for grilled pheasant, this is one you will enjoy!


4 breasts

1 large tomato –  diced

1lb pasta

2 tsp olive oil

basil pesto

salt and black pepper to taste


Heat grill to high. Brush pheasant breasts with oil and season them with salt & pepper to taste. Next put pesto in sauce pan and add diced tomatoe. Set the heat to low and heat through until warm. Set this aside keeping the lid on to preserve heat. Stir it up slightly before serving.

Now cook pasta by following the directions on box.

Back to the pheasant on the grill. Cook each side 4-5 minutes then turn 1/4 turn and grill 2 more minutes. Dish the pasta on a plate top it with pheasant breast covered in the pesto and tomato sauce.

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