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Fried Venison Steak Recipe

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Fried Venison Steak Recipe with Gravy


1 to 2 pounds of venison steak or loin
White Sugar


Cut venison into ½” thick steaks
Soak in milk for 2 hours in the refrigerator
Drain excess milk
Add 2 cups of flour plus 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of black pepper in a 1 gallon plastic food storage bag.
Place venison steaks in bag and shake until the venison is completely coated in the flour mix.
Remove from flour mixture
Dip the coated steaks in milk again and repeat the coating process.
Fry in canola oil until both sides of steak are golden brown.
Remove steaks and pour off excess oil from skillet.
Don’t clean the skillet yet. You need the remaining oil and brown flour pieces for the gravy.

Gravy mix

Add ½ cup of flour plus salt and pepper to taste and ¼” teaspoon of sugar to 2 cups of cold milk.
Thoroughly mix the flour mixture in the milk with a whisk. Mix until all clumps of flour are removed.
Add gravy mix to skillet and heat on low
Continue stirring the mixture until it begins to gently boil. You must keep stirring or the gravy will clump.
The gravy will thicken but should not have any clumps
Place steaks in a large bowl and pour gravy over them.
Serve immediately—Best served hot and right off the stove.

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  1. Mario Patal says:

    My hunting family will appreciate it if I learn how to cook venison. Your website will be very helpful for this challenge. I am going to look around your site for more recipes and give it a try.

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