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Crock Pot Goose

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One of my favorite ways to cook geese is by using a crock pot.  Slow cooking allows the meat to be very tender and to soak in the flavors of whatever you’re adding to it.  Let’s first talk about how I prep for the crock pot, then I’ll have a couple goose crock pot recipes you can try.

First things first, we need as many goose breasts as you feel is needed for the party you’re feeding.  I generally thing of 2 goose breasts per person, as it does become loose meat by the time it’s ready.

I like to cut the goose breasts about 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick, and to cut against the grain at an angle.  I find this allows the flavors to penetrate the meat even better.

After you have cut up your goose meat, I then will wash it thoroughly, allowing as much blood to drain as possible.  Sometimes I’ll also let it sit in the fridge overnight in saltwater or milk (to help pull all the blood out of the goose breast meat).

Keep in mind, goose legs also make for great appetizers out of the crock pot, but I’ll get to that later.

When I get up in the morning to hunt, I like to stick the meat in the crock pot and set it on low.  That way, when the hunt is over, it’s ready to eat.

Crock Pot Goose Recipes

BBQ Goose

Simply add the goose strips into the crock pot, and cover with BBQ sauce.  Make sure there’s enough sauce to completely cover the goose.  Turn it on low and 4-5 hours later you’ve got AWESOME BBQ Goose Sandwhiches.  Just use buns, more BBQ sauce, mustard, or whatever you prefer as condiments.  So easy and always a crowd pleaser.

Sauerkraut Goose

Simple add the goose trips to the crock pot, and cover with sauerkraut.  Again, like the BBQ, make sure there’s enough to cover all the goose meat.  Turn on low, and allow around 4-5 hours to cook.  We then make Reuben sandwhiches out of the meat and sauerkraut.  Use rye bread, 1000 island dressing, pepper jack cheese and your guests won’t believe it’s goose.

Give the crockpot a try for your goose, you’ll be glad you did.

Also for you snow goose hunters, check out the GooseGetter snow goose callers.

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